Posted by: carmelclam | November 3, 2009


Hi Clammers,

Our large staff (wink, wink) here at ClamCam wishes you all wonderful holidays. And may the coming year be your best by far.

Nice that you dropped by. Any comments are welcomed here. You can also leave messages in the “About” section. So, what do you think about the Carmel ClamCam? Look around and enjoy.


  1. Hey Clam Meister, very nice place you’ve got here. I can report that I experienced excellent kayaking in Elkhorn Slough, Monterey Bay, Carmel Bay, Morro Bay, Avila Beach, the Port of Los Angeles, Newport Beach, and San Diego and…clam roll please…the first place pink crustacean award goes to Carmel Bay for natural beauty, water quality, dolphins, jellies, kelp beds, swells, and paddling company. I was happy as a clam.
    Signed, Chowder Head

    • Hey chowder, glad to see you’re in the spirit of things. Bloody windy at the moment. Would tear the paddle outta your hands! White caps there in Stillwater. From your list you picked the best places to paddle.

  2. Heh I am literally the only comment to your great post!?

    • Hi Jermaine,

      It’s lonely in the backwood bogs of this Blog. Here at Mollusk Manor, we are always glad to get your comments. Thanks.

  3. Really interesting read. Really..

    • Thanks, Guadalupe. Drop in anytime.

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