Posted by: carmelclam | January 17, 2010

Captain Lingcod, concerned about the storms coming next week, posts the following:

Hi friends, Most of you already know something about this, but just in case…PREPARE. I have been keeping a close look at the weather situation, not only because I am a NWS weather spotter, but also a commercial fisherman, surfer, and one who has to make daily commutes on HWY 1 down the entire Big Sur coast…through all those landslides that erupt during big storms. From my observations, I send you a couple of good ones. At the bottom of this e-mail, there is a summary from a director of the Central Coast Water Authority. Next, is a link from South Coast Big Sur local, Kate Novoa, who maintains a blog at, which has been a main communication point for matters important to those on the southern Big Sur coast, from CALTRANS projects, to fires, storms, and landslides. Today, she collected the 14 computer model forecasts from NWS, which show an awesome prediction of next week’s storm events. Most of you in this e-mail are to the south of me, and in So Cal, and you should be in the know, because the forecast storm tracks have Santa Barbara, south in the “bullseye”. For the Southland, the San Gabriel Mountains could get over 6 feet of snow, with gully-washing rain that could flood heavily below the burn zones of the Station Fire. *Charlie…shore up your land in The Ranch! Pass this on to Cappy Peterson and the other S.B. fishermen. *Larry Nichols and Jim Barry…pass the word to anyone you know in Altadena or Flintridge etc. *TomLane…Mammoth Mountain will get mammoth snowpack, and mammoth surf for the San Diego! Alavan and Alisal…San Diego could get record rain. *Larry Dyck…hoist your boat another 20 feet up the cliff…huge surf is a’comin’ *Jim Covello…I’m sure that the CHP has all the updates, but HWY 1 may be in for it. (and I have made bigtime preparations for that, and have passed the word to my friends and colleagues both at Pacific Valley School and CALTRANS Willow Springs.) *Jon Lindsay…you may want to post some of this stuff on the Carmel Clam blog. *Everyone else…let’s hope the dumps of rain come in intervals with breaks, instead of all at once. Let’s hope for the best and stay safe, Captain Lingcod

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