Posted by: carmelclam | January 19, 2010

Second storm

The second storm is upon us, producing pretty good waves. Lightening and thunder this time. That’s going to scare the otters! The cam is bravely trying to get through all this. The “big storm” might be tomorrow, at least bringing lots of water. So be patient if things go haywire cam-wise for a bit.


  1. I rely on the clam cam. Myself and many freinds check it before driving to find surf. Thank you for maintaining the site and the needed equipment. And building the wealth needed to purchase an ocean view house in Carmel 😉

  2. Thanks, Todd, for your remarks. You’re welcome to use the cam as much as you like. Sorry for the recent power outages. Is anyone trying to surf this stuff?

    • It’s been a great winter for surf at Carmel Beach. Years with major sand movement usually turn out to be the best for building very distinct sand bars that last well into spring and summer. But, heavy rain, wind, and 20 foot plus swell means ya need to find surf somewhere else.


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