Posted by: carmelclam | March 18, 2010

The springing of Spring

Is everyone ready for Spring?  It’s just around the corner. And warmer days seem in the offing, too. I’m planning on one more ski safari next week, being the Sierra Nevada snow base is so deep. In the meantime, the beach and ocean are recovering. In case you came to Carmel one summer and found an hour-glass-like white sandy beach but now there’s NO beach, little sand, just boulders and water, know that all is well. Once the storms abate, the sand returns! And it’s the same kind of sand as before. Fine white sand begats fine white sand, coarse brown sandy beaches produce coarse brown sand, etc.  Go a mile away to another beach that sports black pebbles and that beach will continue producing black pebbles! Little rock factories out there.

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