Posted by: carmelclam | June 3, 2010

iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad can view CC

FYI: For the past several years, the clam bed has been twittering over the iPhone, the iPod Touch, and now the iPad. These 3 cool Apple products are the only such devices that can view the CarmelClam Cam! None of Verizon’s cool smart phones will work with the CC! How about the Android or the G1? Alas, I guess not. Any others? Doubt it. If anyone knows of another cell phone that will allow viewing the streaming video of the CC, let me know.

So the good news is that if you have one of the above-mentioned Apple products, it will work with the Carmelclam Cam.


  1. Any chance yet to see CarmelClam from Android device?

    • Hi Hal,

      I don’t have an Android device so don’t know. I assume you do and the video doesn’t work. Unfortunately, I can’t control the video output format on this old camera. Perhaps in the future?

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