Posted by: carmelclam | June 15, 2010

US Open 2010

The camera will often be aimed toward the Pebble Beach Golf Course this week while the US Open is on. The fairway you see, with players walking left to right, is 11. And bobbing heads and walking bodies beyond are probably on Fairway 10. The weather is what I’d call “normal”: overcast and cool! Later in the week the forecast suggests sun, something we central coasters don’t see so much of. But we’re a hardy lot!


  1. The link at the bottom will take you to a site that allows you a 360-degree ‘virtual tour’ of some of Hearst Castle’s most impressive views. A couple of notes to make it more fun: First, turn on your sound. There’s appropriate music to go with each vignette. Second, you’ll enjoy it more if you view it in ‘full screen’. To do that, use the diagonal arrow at the bottom left of the picture. Click to enlarge. Click again to go back to a smaller view. Each dot on the ‘map’ graphic is a different view. Allow your cursor to ‘hover’ over a dot for a little pop-up to tell you what you’ll see if you click on it.
    Want to ‘hide’ the map to get the full view? Click on the compass graphic on the lower right of the frame. To bring the map back, just click on the compass again.
    Now for the real fun: With your cursor on the picture, click, hold and move it ‘slowly and slightly’ to the right, left, up or down to change your viewing perspective. You can look at the cieling, the floor and everything around you. The buttons on the bottom of the screen work the same way, and there are two that let you ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’. The link is below. Have fun!

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