Posted by: carmelclam | July 22, 2012

New Format

To keep the Carmel Clam Cam going, I’m stuffing a lot of advertizing on the pages. That’s the bad news. The good news is that it doesn’t impact you the viewer a bit! You have to “see” the ads but the site works as it always did. If you order your items from Amazon going through the Clam Cam, you are supporting the Clam in its cosmic work. Hope you do. Thanks so much.


  1. No worries about the advertising. This is such a great resource to have; it has been this way for several years now. Hey thanks for giving me the ability to control the cam as well!

  2. Adrian,

    Great to hear from you! Glad you’re enjoying the cam. Always appreciate comments. We’re trying to make the cam at least optically better as funding permits.

    The Chief Crustacean

  3. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC !!! Yes – I was “yelling”, yelling cuz, well, it’s just… FANTASTIC!! Please don’t abandon this project. I had a blast moving it! In fact, I spent too much time on it and am now running late… but it’s all good. Definitely worth it! 🙂 Plan on sharing this with some special people and after a little more “playing” with it, to get my bearings, and reading your site… I plan on a little adventure to find it. (don’t tell me!!)
    I need no reason to go to the ocean, but thank-you for allowing me mental, beautifully visual vacations between now and then.
    Thanks again and have a great day.

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