Posted by: carmelclam | November 21, 2013

The Clam Cam is kaput!

On November 20, 2013, the old AXIS 2130 PTZ network camera (well past it’s end of life) finally failed after all these years. First it’s memory, then finally it’s “eye.” It was a good run. The hope is to eventually restore the cam with a newer but similar version that still allows users to control it. Warm thanks to those who expressed interest in and appreciation for the Carmel Clam Cam over the years, and especially to those Patrons who actually understood the practical monetary aspects of maintaining a web site and donated to it. Their generosity can’t be overstated! 

The plan is to keep the Carmel Clam Cam site operating because of a number of useful “tools” therein. As time passes, we’ll see what develops. Again, thanks to all of you who cared.

Sincerely,  the Main Mollusk


  1. I miss the clam cam. It was part of my morning routine. Thank you for all the years and I hope to see it once again.

  2. Likewise I checked it every morning,
    Maybe i will try to start a fund to get a new one

  3. You’re the best!

  4. Hate that it’s down. I certainly appreciated it as a part of my daily routine. Thanks for all of the effort!

  5. I look at the clam cam every single day to try and get my Carmel fix before our yearly trip in July. How can I contribute to a new camera?

    • Thanks, Eleanor, for your generous donation. That will go a long way. Maybe we can get this cam running before July!!??

      • Fingers crossed! I really miss it..

  6. We should start a go fund me account for it, I will post it on facebook!
    I ahev already told a few people and they are into it.

    • Way to go, Frank. I guess that’s what it will take! Collectively it’s not much but with enough contributors, we can get it done. Again, thanks for your effort.

  7. Couldn’t find an email link, so hopefully the cam owner is reading this. I don’t have money to donate (not currently employed) but I DO have a GoPro cam. The graphic on the home page shows a GoPro and if that’s the equipment you use, I could donate an older GoPro cam (gen1). Please contact me if this helps.

    • Mike, that’s a generous offer. However, the GoPro will have to stay on the clam’s head. Outdoor network cameras require much more. Keep enjoying the site.

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