Posted by: carmelclam | April 16, 2014

New Network Camera is up!

April 15, 2014: the day the new Axis 214 PTZ cam was activated. And not a moment too soon. Seemed like a long time to get funding, a little more coding and construction. The original (and still good) idea was to get the cam and a pro housing. Such a custom housing is compact, optically superior and hermetically sealed – because of good engineering therein. So, that’ll be Stage 2 (cost: $650). But in the meantime, here at Crustacean Construction, a new wooden housing (box) was made which will hopefully serve, as did the old, similar, one, despite its many faults.

Special thanks to those who financially contributed to this project. That’s the spirit. And the cam is there for all to enjoy.


  1. Many thanks for the Clam Cam. Since we moved from Carmel we still like to keep an eye on the fog while we’re sitting around the pool.
    The Daytripper

  2. Great site to gauge the conditions in Carmel for diving however I cant find on the site where this cam is located? Is it on Carmel Beach or in Stillwater cove?
    It would be great if you had some gps coordinates with a link to the google maps location. Many thanks.

  3. Love this site!! thank you so much!! I grew up in carmel and i miss it very much and this helps alot 😀 did i thank you?

    and matt? the camera appears to be up the gulley that is just north of ocean avenue… once you get to Control you can view many areas such as stillwater cove… and there are presets on that page!


  4. I just found this site, and I have to say how much I enjoy it. I really like the view you guys have…and I plan to see it in person at the first opportunity.

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