Posted by: carmelclam | April 4, 2010

Venus and Mercury together at sunset, Apr. 3-4

Another one of those astronomical events: Venus and Mercury up in the sky together! I’ll put a pic up on the Homepage. Have been told that many astronomers have never seen Mercury. Maybe just not that interesting? So, April 3-4, at sunset, are your best chances of catching this, I’m told. Mercury is normally hugging the sun, making seeing it difficult. Hope you did.

Posted by: carmelclam | March 18, 2010

The springing of Spring

Is everyone ready for Spring?  It’s just around the corner. And warmer days seem in the offing, too. I’m planning on one more ski safari next week, being the Sierra Nevada snow base is so deep. In the meantime, the beach and ocean are recovering. In case you came to Carmel one summer and found an hour-glass-like white sandy beach but now there’s NO beach, little sand, just boulders and water, know that all is well. Once the storms abate, the sand returns! And it’s the same kind of sand as before. Fine white sand begats fine white sand, coarse brown sandy beaches produce coarse brown sand, etc.  Go a mile away to another beach that sports black pebbles and that beach will continue producing black pebbles! Little rock factories out there.

Posted by: carmelclam | February 14, 2010

Winter Rain

I love this rain! Won’t be here for too much longer, however. And of course the area can always use the extra rain. My “theory” is that wet winters make for foggy summers. Those of you who spend time around here in the summer know what I’m talking about. And if you’re visiting Carmel in the summer, bring all your winter clothes!

Posted by: carmelclam | February 2, 2010

Army of Women

You women out there, consider joining the Army of Women. They need your data! This is kind of a Manhattan Project of breast cancer. Click on the Army of Women icon on the left of the CC homepage, fill out their form and start feeling good about yourself. You don’t want to be sick. And we crustaceous men don’t want you sick, either. So let’s do something about it!

Posted by: carmelclam | January 22, 2010

Third storm

Man, they’re getting juicy, these storms! And of course the power zapped the equipment for a couple of days. All better for the moment. Did anyone get significant damage?

Posted by: carmelclam | January 19, 2010

Second storm

The second storm is upon us, producing pretty good waves. Lightening and thunder this time. That’s going to scare the otters! The cam is bravely trying to get through all this. The “big storm” might be tomorrow, at least bringing lots of water. So be patient if things go haywire cam-wise for a bit.

Posted by: carmelclam | January 18, 2010

Big winds strike

Kind of the usual winter mess. Big storm hit, winds to 55 mph, that took out the power for a bit. More on the way. But there’s something magical about storms like that. Besides knocking over trees, it cleans the air.

Posted by: carmelclam | January 17, 2010

Captain Lingcod, concerned about the storms coming next week, posts the following:

Hi friends, Most of you already know something about this, but just in case…PREPARE. I have been keeping a close look at the weather situation, not only because I am a NWS weather spotter, but also a commercial fisherman, surfer, and one who has to make daily commutes on HWY 1 down the entire Big Sur coast…through all those landslides that erupt during big storms. From my observations, I send you a couple of good ones. At the bottom of this e-mail, there is a summary from a director of the Central Coast Water Authority. Next, is a link from South Coast Big Sur local, Kate Novoa, who maintains a blog at, which has been a main communication point for matters important to those on the southern Big Sur coast, from CALTRANS projects, to fires, storms, and landslides. Today, she collected the 14 computer model forecasts from NWS, which show an awesome prediction of next week’s storm events. Most of you in this e-mail are to the south of me, and in So Cal, and you should be in the know, because the forecast storm tracks have Santa Barbara, south in the “bullseye”. For the Southland, the San Gabriel Mountains could get over 6 feet of snow, with gully-washing rain that could flood heavily below the burn zones of the Station Fire. *Charlie…shore up your land in The Ranch! Pass this on to Cappy Peterson and the other S.B. fishermen. *Larry Nichols and Jim Barry…pass the word to anyone you know in Altadena or Flintridge etc. *TomLane…Mammoth Mountain will get mammoth snowpack, and mammoth surf for the San Diego! Alavan and Alisal…San Diego could get record rain. *Larry Dyck…hoist your boat another 20 feet up the cliff…huge surf is a’comin’ *Jim Covello…I’m sure that the CHP has all the updates, but HWY 1 may be in for it. (and I have made bigtime preparations for that, and have passed the word to my friends and colleagues both at Pacific Valley School and CALTRANS Willow Springs.) *Jon Lindsay…you may want to post some of this stuff on the Carmel Clam blog. *Everyone else…let’s hope the dumps of rain come in intervals with breaks, instead of all at once. Let’s hope for the best and stay safe, Captain Lingcod

Posted by: carmelclam | November 3, 2009


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